• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2017
  • Contract #: HSCG88-17-J-PFPR07
  • Value: $327,241.68

The Training Center’s 700 Series Housing was built in the late 1980’s and the local sanitary collection system discharged into the 722 Sewer Lift Station. Additions to the system over the years had exceeded the pump’s ability to achieve acceptable pump rates and flow velocity. The inadequacy of these pumps and the difficulty of their maintenance led to this repair project.

Provision for temporary pumping was made to allow repairs to the wet well and installation of the new power sources, piping and pumps. A new electrical power source was installed to provide 3-phase 120/208 volt power to meet the needs of the new pumps and to power miscellaneous and future loads. The existing programmable logic controller/supervisory control and data acquisition system (PLC/SCADA) was replaced with a new PLC/SCADA panel to control the new pumps, alarms, level controls and existing communications to the waste water treatment facility.

The existing duplex vertical wet pit pumps were replaced with new duplex self-priming centrifugal pumps, installed on the existing concrete pad. New lift station controls and new vent were provided. The existing portable generator was replaced with a new 20 kW 3-phase generator, point of connection and manual transfer switch. A new propane tank system including valves and piping was provided to fuel the generator. A new six-foot high chain link fence enclosure with privacy panels was installed.