• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2016
  • Contract #: HSCG88-16-J-PQQ2337
  • Value: $103,597

Cerrudo Services served as the prime contractor to Betance Enterprises, Inc. on this project. Betance, as a service-disabled veteran enterprise, holds the RMACC contract for the US Coast Guard with Cerrudo Services performing all work located in Northern California. Cerrudo’s responsibilities include management, invoicing, project controls, submittals, quality control and executing the work. Cerrudo Services has completed over 40 task orders on this current contract for Betance on this contract.

Cerrudo Services replaced an existing hydronic boiler with a new energy efficient hydronic boiler in Novato Housing Building 227 at Novato, California. The existing boiler materials were tested for lead and asbestos. It was found that the pipe flange gaskets contained asbestos. After establishment of negative pressure containment, the gaskets were removed by wet methods using hand tools and scrapers. Half mask respirators and coveralls were worn during removal and disposal of the material. Asbestos containing materials were place in leak tight poly bags, properly labeling, transported to Hay Road Landfill in Vacaville and disposed of as friable asbestos waste.

Cerrudo provided a new energy efficient boiler and associated components. Existing piping was modified to support the new boiler. A hydrostatic pressure test was performed for the new piping sections and boiler. An equipment startup service for the new boiler was provided.