• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: San Pedro, CA
  • Date: 2008
  • Contract #: HSCG88-07-J-623444
  • Value: $134,923

Cerrudo Services provided incidental design services and refurbished the North Floating Dock at ISC San Pedro.  The dock, consisting of several floats, was disassembled in a three day period by first removing the steel deck plates and pile guide bracket, cutting the timbers connecting the float sections and securing the floats to be towed to the repair yard.  The concrete floats were refurbished by freshening the spalls to expose new, clean concrete surfaces.  Spalls, cracks and holes were prepared for finish.  Existing cleats and stand pole hardware in good condition were saved for reuse.  A high strength, one component, permanent repair material with bonding agent was troweled into place at repair areas.  The same material was used to plug and patch all existing mounting holes drilled for booster floats below the water line.  New holes were drilled into the concrete float bottoms, not penetrating the foam core.  Interior control joints and construction saw joints on flat surfaces were filled with a two component, rapid curing polyurethane joint filler.  Ramp skid plates were replaced and gangway castor wheels were replaced.  Finally, the floats were brought back to the dock and reinstalled.