• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Base LA Long Beach, San Pedro
  • Date: 2016
  • Contract #: HSCG88-16-J-PQQ167
  • Value: $96,165

Coast Guard Base LA/LB was experiencing low water pressure at four of their buildings on base. Cerrudo Services located all the underground water piping system that feeds domestic cold water from the water meter to the four buildings.  A leak was discovered at the base of a fire hydrant.  The hydrant was dug out by hand and removed from its base.  The valve seat was cleaned of built up materials and reassembled.  The unit was tested and no further leaking noted.  Gravel was placed around the valve body for drainage, the excavation refilled and compacted, and the surface restored.

A second leak was discovered near the wharf in front of Building 14. Upon visual inspection for damaged piping under the wharf, rushing water was noted coming out of the sea wall under the rip rap.  The north section of the base was isolated with a new 6″ gate valve so work to repair the lead could commence without cutting off domestic water from the base.  The exact location of the leak was identified near an existing tee. The area was controlled for traffic and the asphalt cut back.  A 3″ steel pipe was discovered at an abandoned electrical vault located at the edge of the tee fitting.  There was a clean shear at this point.  The concrete ring that caused the shear was removed and the vault was backfilled with sand.  The failed fitting was removed and replaced with a schedule 80 PVC tee and compression pipe couplings.  Installation was tested at line pressure for 30 minutes with no leaks.  The area was back filled and compacted and new asphalt installed.