• Client: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Location: Livermore, CA
  • Date: 2017
  • Contract #: B623617
  • Value: $303,400.19

There was an operational need to increase storage and accessibility to the corporation yard area. Two new automatic sliding gates and a personnel swing gate were added, with modifications made to the existing slatted, chained link fencing to secure the yard material lay down area. An electrical equipment concrete pad, two gate operator concrete pads and concrete pavement for the gate tracks were installed. High density hand holes, electrical receptacles, conduits, conductors and grounding system were all installed both above and below grade to provide power for the new lighting, panel board, motorized gate operators, photoelectric beam sensors, radio receivers and loop detectors.

Four gate operating manual control switches were installed, one each at the two photo beam sensor posts at the interior of the yard, and one each at the exterior of both rolling gates inside TESA boxes. Perimeter fence grounding was installed, with connections at five posts by connection to the closest container pier ground wire and tent post ground.

Grounding was provided for a transformer and air injection skid at an adjacent building. The existing ground rod and associated conductor was demolished, and a new grounding system provided with new conduits and conductor from the panel to the skid.

Electrical modifications were made to a utility trailer box next to the corporation yard. Power was provided from an existing electrical panel to a client provided VFD, and from the panel to new convenience receptacles