• Client: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Location: Livermore, CA
  • Date: 2017
  • Contract #: B621329
  • Value: $97,822.18

The existing autoclave in Building 361 required replacement due to age and unreliability. Cerrudo Services managed the removal of the existing autoclave, made architectural, mechanical and electrical modifications associated with preparation for a new autoclave installation, and managed installation and startup of the new autoclave.

The removal of the old autoclave and installation of the new autoclave was performed by Steris Corporation, who de-installed and removed the existing autoclave to the building loading dock, moved the new autoclave into place from the loading dock, installed and leveled the machine and provided manufacturer startup of the autoclave. Cerrudo was responsible for the utility disconnection of the existing autoclave and connection of the new autoclave. Lock Out Tag Out procedures were implemented in accordance with client requirements.

Architectural work was performed in and outside of the autoclave equipment room including installation of a new layer of gypsum board, painting, and application of new epoxy flooring with rubber base. Mechanical work, in addition to disconnection and connection of the autoclave, included new exhaust ductwork, domestic cold water to autoclave, steam piping and pressure testing, back flow preventer, pressure gauges and reducing valve, pipe insulation, and drain lines from the autoclave and an adjacent ice maker to a new funnel drain. Electrical work, in addition to disconnection and connection of the autoclave, included installation of the autoclave disconnect switch, conduit to the autoclave control unit, installation of an emergency light and relocation of existing lighting in the autoclave equipment room.

Lawrence Livermore Labs performed abatement services after the existing autoclave was removed and before modification work began, including removal and disposal of asbestos piping insulation, lead paint, loose gypsum board tape and joint compound, and floor mastic.