• Client: USDA Forest Service
  • Location: Chamberlain Creek, CA
  • Date: 2003
  • Contract #: 50-91S8-02-PSW69
  • Value: $622,931

Cerrudo Services constructed a new 2,500 SF wood frame barracks and office building for the California Department of Forestry.  The building includes complete living quarters, kitchen and laundry facilities, ADA compliant restrooms with showers, sleeping quarters and recreation and dining areas.  The building is equipped with networking capabilities for office functions and communications.

Site investigation revealed a potential soils moisture issue.  It was determined that removal of the over-saturated soil in combination with conditioning and mixing remaining site soils would resolve the issue.

The work site was ecologically sensitive and pollution control was a high priority in protecting nearby Chamberlin Creek.  BMP inspections and maintenance were daily activities.