• Client: US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Location: Novato, CA
  • Date: 2008
  • Contract #: W91238-04-C-0033
  • Value: $1,801,886

Cerrudo Services conducted Base Realignment and Cleanup (BRAC) remedial actions inboard of the bay front levee at the former Hamilton Army Airfield, Novato, California.

Cerrudo Services excavated soil contaminated with DDT, heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons from eight remote locations.  Excavations ranged from six inches to over 10 feet in depth with areas extending a few square feet to over an acre.

Cerrudo excavated, stockpiled and characterized for disposal 13,446 cubic yards of contaminated soil.  The stockpiles were divided into 100 cubic yard grids and discrete samples were taken for each grid.  Discrete samples were analyzed to more specifically identify the Class I waste and as a result reduced the overall cost of disposal.  Cerrudo loaded, weighed, transported and disposed of 17,380 tons of waste to approved landfills.

All work was conducted from the inboard side of the levee because of ecological considerations regarding coastal salt marsh habitat.  Tidal and wave action creating a breach was another consideration because one area of contamination was well within the outboard half of the levee. Excavation into the levee was conducted during a low tidal cycle and required immediate backfill and backstopping so that the levee could be later repaired to new construction design specifications.