• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Bodega Bay, CA
  • Date: 2015
  • Contract #: HSCG88-14-J-PQQ166
  • Value: $437,000

Cerrudo Services provided repair, replacement and protection of electrical and water utilities from the shore to the existing floating dock and the replacement of an existing boiler and the addition of heating and ventilation to all occupied spaces at Coast Guard Station Bodega Bay.  A new heat exchanger was installed to provide fresh air above the new boiler in the mechanical room.  Fourteen hydronic radiators were installed throughout the building.  The water heater was replaced.

Conflicts existed between the plans and specifications.  One major conflict involved the new boiler and pump.  The required design operating performance characteristics provided in the equipment schedule on the plans were at odds with the specification requirements for a pump construction.  The specifications required pump construction characteristics found in larger capacity pumps that are not available in the designed-required pump capacity and horsepower.  It was resolved that the operating characteristics provided in the equipment schedule would be utilized as the defining equipment selection and installation criteria.

During construction it was discovered that the existing sewer piping and floor drains in the mechanical room required replacement.  The existing floor slab was demolished and the sewer piping, cracked vent line, sewer cleanout, floor drain, P-trap and associated piping were replaced.  After backfilling, the concrete slab was replaced.