• Client: City of Novato
  • Location: Novato, CA
  • Date: 2007
  • Contract #: 00-013
  • Value: $1,466,606

Cerrudo Services raised an existing wave wall and levee at Hamilton Army Airfield.  The levee and wall are located between the airfield and the local residential neighborhood.  The goal of the project was to increase protection from high water during the Airfield’s transformation to a natural wetlands.

A majority of the work consisted of raising the existing levee from two to four feet high.  Onsite borrow material was placed on the existing levee with scrapers.  The soil was then graded and compacted to the specified percentages.  Approximately 30,000 cubic yards of borrow material were used to raise the levee.  A total of 6,200 lineal feet of concrete block wall was raised two to four feet depending on pre-existing conditions.  Cerrudo was required to screen out debris as well as rocks and cobbles that were too large to include in the final earthen wall.