• Client: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Location: Site 300, San Joaquin County CA
  • Date: 2018
  • Contract #: B623062
  • Value: $321,402

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory required a new permanent engine generator and automatic transfer switch (ATS) for their mission critical Building 836 at Site 300.  This project was for the design, purchase and installation of the generator and ATS.

The new generator and ATS were secured to new housekeeping pads in the courtyard between Buildings B836A and B836B.  Site and utility alterations required to accommodate these new pads were designed and implemented.  Power, controls and lease line conduits and cable were extended as necessary to accommodate the new layout.

The 125k generator is a diesel engine-driven alternating current assembly with integral fuel tank built by Cummins Power Systems, designed for automatic remote operation with a weatherproof enclosure.  The Cummins automatic transfer switch is a heavy-duty, industrial-type, 3-phase, 4 pole automatic power transfer and bypass isolation switch.  It is designed to automatically provide continuous electrical power from the emergency generator during failure of the normal utility power supply, and capable of bypassing the power from the live source or engine-driven generator set to the load in the event the transfer switch is disabled.

Prior to placement of the new generator and ATS, pull boxes and conduit were installed inside the building.  After placement, final conduit connections were made, wires pulled and generator frame bonded.  An electrical outage for cutover from existing temporary generator to new emergency generator was initiated and power diverted to the new generator set.  The generator and ATS were commissioned, and Lab personnel trained on the equipment.