• Client: Department of Homeland Security / US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Location: Lordsburg-Deming Stations, NM
  • Date: 2010
  • Contract #: W912BV-08-D-2002-DM03
  • Value: $1,041,718

Cerrudo Services maintained and repaired, and removed debris from the border patrol roads at Deming and Lordsburg Stations, New Mexico.  Road maintenance priority areas were agreed upon and the highest priority sections were maintained first.

Equipment used for maintenance activities included motor graders, dump trucks, backhoes, smooth and pad foot compactors and skip loaders.  The purpose of surface blading was to keep a native or aggregate roadbed in a condition to facilitate traffic and provide proper drainage.  Work included maintaining the crown, inslope or outslope of the traveled way, turnouts, and shoulders, as well as berm repair; blending approach road intersections, and cleaning bridge decks, roadside ditches, drainage dips and lead-off ditches.

Surface repair of potholes, ruts, depressions, and soft spots included preparation, importation, placement and compaction of repair fill material.  The sub grade was scarified and the fill material placed and proof rolled for compaction.  Additional material was imported where original aggregate surface course material could not be recovered and graded and compacted to match the original cross section and line.

Debris such as silt build-up, domestic trash, rocks, fallen trees, branches, brush windfalls, logs, roots and stumps in the roadway corridor were removed from the work site at the end of each shift.