Vertical Construction and Renovation

Cerrudo Services’ experience in vertical construction and renovation includes 60 task orders totaling over $31,000,000 in the past six years for the US Coast Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers and other Government entities. Work has included a $2,800,000 dormitory renovation, $3,100,000 Coast Guard Base fire alarm system replacement and a $700,000 gymnasium renovation. In 2015, Cerrudo constructed a $900,000 pre-fabricated metal building in Tracy, CA and a $1,000,000 band room within an Army Drill Hall in Los Angeles.


  • armories-upgrade3
  • armories-upgrade2
  • armories-upgrade1
  • Client: California National Guard/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Location: Vallejo, San Bruno, San Rafael and Oakdale, CA Owner: California National Guard
  • Date: 2014
  • Contract #: W941238-11-D-0031-0001
  • Value: $1,627,139

Project Details

Cerrudo Services, Inc renovated the kitchens and latrines at four California National Guard (CANG) Armories in Northern California.  The existing armories were constructed almost 60 years ago.  CANG desired these renovations for their own personnel and to promote the rental of the armories to private groups by providing disabled access to toilet facilities and kitchens.

Kitchens were installed with new ranges and hoods with exhaust and make-up air, fire suppression system, wood cabinetry with stainless steel tops and quarry tile flooring.  Concealed plumbing and electrical infrastructure were installed for sinks, refrigerators, freezers and ice makers.

The Men’s and Women’s latrines were renovated with new plumbing fixtures, solid surface lavatory countertops, toilet partitions and bath accessories, exhaust fans and ceiling heaters.  The finishes were upgraded with new ceramic tile wainscots, new paint on the upper walls and exposed wood beam ceilings, and new ceramic floor tile.


  • TRACEN Bldg 543 HVAC - Photo 1
  • TRACEN Bldg 543 HVAC - Photo 2
  • TRACEN-Bldg-543-HVAC---Photo-3
  • TRACEN-Bldg-543-HVAC---Photo-4
  • Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2012
  • Contract #: HSCG88-12-J-PFP002
  • Value: $1,080,424

Project Details

Cerrudo Services provided the design and construction for a new direct digital control (DDC) system for all the air handling units, and heating and cooling systems in Building 543 at the Coast Guard Training Center.  The existing control system was an obsolete Honeywell 7600 DDC system and parts were no longer available for the controls.

Existing HVAC equipment in the four story building includes four air handling units (AHU), four AC condensers, six hot water circulating pumps, 110 VAV boxes with thermostats, and a hot water boiler.  Smoke detectors are located in the AHU’s supply and return air ducts.

Upon approval of the design documents, Cerrudo demolished existing equipment including all main and local controllers, work stations and furniture, wiring, all inputs and outputs, building network wiring, all control enclosures and other components associated with the existing DDC system.  Work included patching and painting walls and ceilings to match the existing finish where demolition occurred.

Cerrudo provided a turnkey building automation system consisting of a single complete non-proprietary DDC for control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.  The system was designed and installed so the Government can perform their own repair, replacement, upgrades and expansion of the system.  A network accessible device for providing web interface was provided, to be used to obtain system status and make changes to controls.  The new work was interconnected with the existing air and water flow systems, each adjusted to work together as one complete system.


  • Client: US. Coast Guard
  • Location: Eureka, CA
  • Date: 2012
  • Contract #: HSCG88-11-J-PQQ050
  • Value: $208,649

Project Details

Cerrudo Services replaced roofing material and installed new area drainage improvements to the housing units at Coast Guard Group Humboldt Bay.  All layers of the existing shingles were removed down to the existing roof deck and new asphalt shingle roofing system installed.  Dry rotted roof sheathing was replaced.  Approximately 300 lineal feet of trench drain with three drainage inlets were installed.  Asbestos was discovered in the existing shingles and required abatement.


  • Mace Hall - Photo 1
  • Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2012
  • Contract #: HSCG88-11-J-PFPJ07
  • Value: $273,138

Project Details

Cerrudo Services constructed a new barber shop / beauty salon within Building 130 Mace Hall at the Coast Guard Training Center.  Work began by demolishing the existing tenant improvements.  Existing flooring was removed and damaged portions of the concrete slab were repaired for new tile flooring installation.  Existing gypsum wallboard partitions and ceilings were demolished along with a section of CMU wall.  The existing slab was saw cut in preparation for new plumbing and floor mounted electrical and telecommunications outlets.  All existing light fixtures, receptacles and switches were removed along with existing floor-mounted radiators and mechanical ventilation equipment.

New under-slab sewer and water supply piping and floor drains were installed and new concrete in-fill at the saw cut slab areas was poured.  New gypsum wallboard partitions were constructed.  A new mechanical ventilation system was installed with new ducting, dampers, registers, grilles and a roof mounted exhaust fan.  Rough plumbing was installed in the new partitions for sewer and hot and cold water, and plumbing fixtures were installed.

New electrical systems were connected to the existing, and a new electrical panel was installed in the adjacent mechanical room.  New outlets, switches and light fixtures were provided along with a new telecommunications system.  Interior work included new gypsum board ceilings, ceramic tile flooring, architectural wall paneling, casework, and new doors, frames and hardware.  The space was painted throughout.


  • 400-HERTZ-POWER1
  • 400-HERTZ-POWER2
  • Client: US. Coast Guard
  • Location: McKinleyville, CA and North Bend, OR
  • Date: 2012
  • Contract #: HSCG88-10-D-PQQ012
  • Value: $547,312

Project Details

Cerrudo Services installed a 90 KVA solid state converter at Air Station Humboldt Bay, and upgraded the 400 Hz conduits and wiring at Air Station North Bend.

At Humboldt Bay, the existing 400 Hz hangar distribution system consists of one floor mounted, 15 KVA three phase solid state converter.  It supplies 400 Hz power to three cable reels inside the hangar.  A portable Hobart cart provides 400 Hz power to the helicopters during periods of power outage.  Cerrudo installed a 90 KVA solid state converter, with work that included installation of two cable reels and 400 Hz output cables, construction of  metal enclosures for the reels, trenching and installation of underground conduits and wiring, and testing of the new 400 Hz system and the new 90 KVA solid state frequency converter.

At North Bend, the existing 400 Hz hangar distribution system consists of one pad mounted, 90 KVA, three phase solid state converter.  It supplies 400 Hz power to two cable reels and one wall mounted 400 Hz shoretie inside the hangar.  A portable Hobart cart provides 400 Hz power to the helicopters during periods of power outage.  Cerrudo upgraded the 400 Hz conduits and wiring of the existing cable reels, and replacing the existing 400 Hz shore tie with new cable reel and 400 Hz output cable, with work that included installation of one cable reel,400 Hz output cable, and new conduit and wiring for two existing cable reels, replacement of existing 400 Hz shoretie and wiring, trenching and installation of underground conduits and wiring, and testing and recording the existing 90 KVA solid state frequency converter output.


  • Horsley - Photo 2
  • Horsley - Photo 1
  • Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2012
  • Contract #: HSCG88-12-J-PFPJ02
  • Value: $2,822,617

Project Details

Cerrudo Services renovated 114 dormitory rooms and common areas on three floors of Horsley Hall.  New carpet tile and vinyl baseboard were installed throughout.  Existing doors were repaired, repainted and reinstalled.  New programmable thermostats were furnished and installed.  Existing light fixtures were either replaced or refurbished.  All existing painted surfaces were cleaned, primed and repainted.

In the restrooms, ceramic floor and wall tile were installed.  A pan liner was installed in the showers with 1×1 mosaic tiles.  Water resistant gypsum board sheathing was installed over the shower area.  Plumbing fittings were installed on the existing vanity under-mount sinks and in the shower.  A ceiling mounted exhaust fan, recessed bath heater lamp and light fixtures were installed in each restroom.

Corridors received carpet tile, hardwood base and wall panels, stainless steel chair rails, refurbished wood doors and hardware, recessed downlights, suspended fluorescent fixtures and wall-mounted sconces.  TV lounges received wood wainscoting with stainless steel chair rails, and new acoustical ceiling tiles.  The elevator lobbies received wood wainscoting and chair rails, new ceramic floor tiles and ceiling downlights.

Parts of the exterior building stucco were repaired.  Selected areas of exterior concrete pavements and walkways were repaired, sealed and cleaned.  All exterior louvers and bug screens were cleaned.  Weather strips were replaced at all exterior doors and windows.


  • Building 126 Boiler - Photo 1
  • Building 126 Boiler - Photo 2
  • Building 126 Boiler - Photo 3
  • Building 126 Boiler - Photo 4
  • Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2011
  • Contract #: HSCG88-10-J-PFP007
  • Value: $673,559

Project Details

Cerrudo Services provided design / build services for the physical plant / boiler room addition to Building 126 at the US Coast Guard Training Center.  The physical plant serves the seven buildings of the H Complex at the Training Center.  Cerrudo constructed the addition, and provided space heating, a steam boiler system and domestic hot water boiler systems with support equipment.  Three boiler/condensate systems, a diesel tank system and hot water tank system were demolished.  Demolition included all unused or abandoned piping, electrical conduit, switches, boxes and conductors.

The single-story 866 SF addition was constructed over a 6” thick concrete floor slab and foundation.  The metal-framed exterior walls were finished with stucco to match the existing building while the interior walls were finished with gypsum wallboard.  A built-up elastomeric roof system overlayed 1-1/2” rigid foam board insulation.  Aluminum painted seamless gutters and downspouts were installed.  Four exterior hollow metal louvered doors and frames were installed.  Work included a propane domestic hot water boiler system and storage tank, propane space heating hydronic boiler and propane steam boiler system in the mechanical building.  The condensate system was installed in the basement of the existing building.  Plumbing work included a stainless steel sink, new mop sink, floor drains and exterior hose bibbs.

Electrical work included new conductors, circuit breakers, switches and conduit back to power panel boards for all new equipment, lighting and receptacles.  The existing space heating pump motor starters were replaced.  A new panel board was installed.  Separate programmable central controllers for each new mechanical system were installed.  A new Class A fire alarm and detection system was installed and programmed.  The new fire alarm panel and devices were tied into the existing Siemens fire alarm system at the Fire Department Building.  The system included heat and smoke detectors, pull stations and light and horn annunciators.


  • Gym Expansion - Photo 1
  • Gym Expansion - Photo 2
  • Gym Expansion - Photo 3
  • Gym Expansion - Photo 4
  • Gym Expansion - Photo 5
  • Gym Expansion - Photo 6
  • Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2011
  • Contract #: HSCG88-10-J-6FPJ08
  • Value: $704,989

Project Details

Cerrudo Services constructed a new two story, 3,880 SF expansion of the existing Coast Guard Base Gymnasium.  The new exercise areas consisted of high quality architectural finishes and energy efficient features such as occupancy controlled indirect lighting fixtures.

Demolition required a significant excavation of material to accommodate the construction of the new addition.  Site work included new exterior stairs, ADA compliant ramps and walkways, and associated concrete retaining walls that connected to the adjoining gymnasium.

The addition consists of a concrete foundation with a concrete slab on grade, exterior walls with stucco finish and aluminum framed exterior windows, a second story level constructed of wood joists and plywood substrate, and a built-up elastomeric roof, all matching the existing gymnasium construction.  Interior work included cabinets for storage, working space and display, suspended acoustical ceilings, and resilient exercise mat flooring.  The electronically controlled heating and ventilation in the exercise rooms consisted of a ducted supply and plenum return system.  New electrical items included indirect fluorescent lighting, 20 amp duplex outlets, electrical panel, controls and expansion of the fire alarm system.


  • Gallery Elect Photo 2
  • Gallery Elect Photo 1
  • Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Samoa, CA
  • Date: 2010
  • Contract #: USCG88-10-J-PQQ003
  • Value: $43,134

Project Details

Cerrudo Services served as design build contractor for repair work to the galley and adjacent electrical room for Station Humboldt Bay.  A new grease interceptor and related piping, valves and vents were installed.  Electrical work included rerouting and fastening of existing exposed electrical cords and cables, relocating the existing boathouse disconnect, replacing existing junction boxes with new, installing new receptacles and light switches, providing arc flash warning signs and smoke alarms.  The tile floor in the galley was cleaned, sealed, waxed and buffed.  The walls and ceiling were insulated and patched after lead paint remediation.  All wall and ceiling surfaces in the galley and electrical room were painted.

The work was scheduled to minimize interference with the facilities’ normal operation.  The shutdown of the galley was limited to 12 days, and the galley was returned to normal operation within the time frame.  All utility shutdowns were pre-scheduled including electrical and alarm systems, communication systems and plumbing.  Backup electrical power was provided, with a constant voltage generator to maintain continuous electrical power at the Station whenever an electrical shutdown exceeded two hours.


  • Redding - Photo 1
  • Redding - Photo 2
  • Redding - Photo 3
  • Redding - Photo 4
  • Redding - Photo 6
  • Redding - Photo 7
  • Redding - Photo 8
  • Redding---Photo-5
  • Client: City of Redding
  • Location: Redding, CA
  • Date: 2010
  • Contract #: 9860-11
  • Value: $4,115,685

Project Details

Cerrudo Services provided mechanical piping for Power Plant Unit No. 6 in Redding, CA.  Unit No. 6 is a steam generated boiler plant.  The original contractor did not perform, and Cerrudo Services was selected to complete the project.

Cerrudo was tasked with sorting out what work had been completed and what had not, tallying the existing material inventory that was on site and determining what additional materials were needed to finish the work.  The scope of work included site grading and paving, mechanical equipment installation including complete erection, assembly and alignment of the heat recovery steam generator modules and Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine generator, fabrication and installation of all the mechanical piping and valves including fuel gas piping, and instrument installation including inline devices, local gauges, impulse tubing and transmitter and stanchion mounting.

External connections, materials and equipment for the various subsystems including platforms, ladders and foundations for the turbine/generator were provided.  The boiler feedwater pump and RO water treatment building was erected and HVAC installed.  Expansion joints, base grouting and all appurtenances were installed.  All the piping was insulated.  Electrical equipment such as transformers and the Siemens control module was installed.