• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2012
  • Contract #: HSCG88-12-J-PFPJ02
  • Value: $2,822,617

Cerrudo Services renovated 114 dormitory rooms and common areas on three floors of Horsley Hall.  New carpet tile and vinyl baseboard were installed throughout.  Existing doors were repaired, repainted and reinstalled.  New programmable thermostats were furnished and installed.  Existing light fixtures were either replaced or refurbished.  All existing painted surfaces were cleaned, primed and repainted.

In the restrooms, ceramic floor and wall tile were installed.  A pan liner was installed in the showers with 1×1 mosaic tiles.  Water resistant gypsum board sheathing was installed over the shower area.  Plumbing fittings were installed on the existing vanity under-mount sinks and in the shower.  A ceiling mounted exhaust fan, recessed bath heater lamp and light fixtures were installed in each restroom.

Corridors received carpet tile, hardwood base and wall panels, stainless steel chair rails, refurbished wood doors and hardware, recessed downlights, suspended fluorescent fixtures and wall-mounted sconces.  TV lounges received wood wainscoting with stainless steel chair rails, and new acoustical ceiling tiles.  The elevator lobbies received wood wainscoting and chair rails, new ceramic floor tiles and ceiling downlights.

Parts of the exterior building stucco were repaired.  Selected areas of exterior concrete pavements and walkways were repaired, sealed and cleaned.  All exterior louvers and bug screens were cleaned.  Weather strips were replaced at all exterior doors and windows.