• Client: US Coast Guard
  • Location: Petaluma, CA
  • Date: 2016
  • Contract #: HSCG88-15-J-PFP005
  • Value: $312.125

The existing north galley beverage line and cold bar was in very poor condition and needed replacement.  The existing scullery was dismantled , moved and reinstalled at project completion including all water supply lines, electrical connections, booster pumps, steam piping and stainless steel ventilation ducting.  Then the beverage line, cold bar, counters, concrete pad and floor tile were demolished along with associated electrical and plumbing connections.

Two existing floor sinks and 25 LF of deteriorated drain piping were replaced and all existing drain lines were snaked back 50 feet from the beverage line.  A subsequent modification required replacing four additional floor drains and drain piping.  A new sanitary line with P-trap was connected from the new floor sink to the existing sanitary line, with 3″ sand below and above the piping, and backfilled with compacted class 2 AC road base.  A 4″ thick, 2,500 psi concrete slab was placed over the backfill.  New tile was installed to match existing.

The new 27′ x 7′ beverage line is a modular, 14 gauge stainless steel serving line with cup dispenser, beverage line, cold bar and soup/condiment dispenser.  The line was installed including all piping, wiring, receptacles, floor sink, drainage system and Coke dispenser.  Reinforced doors were installed below the line for storage and equipment access.  A new filtered copper domestic water supply line was located in the middle of the beverage line.