• Client: US Air Force
  • Location: Travis AFB, CA
  • Date: 2014
  • Contract #: W91238-11-D-0031-0003
  • Value: $864,924

Cerrudo Services designed and constructed a new accessible community park, and renovations to two existing playgrounds at Travis Air Force Base.   The new accessible community park is situated on a 24,100 SF site.  The park is comprised of accessible parking and walkways, nicely landscaped areas of sod, mulched plantings and planter boxes, and a swing set over poured in place soft surfacing.  Amenities include benches, trash receptacles and a bike rack.  There is a 6 foot high chain link fence around the perimeter of the park with three gates.  The irrigation system for sod and plants is programmed through a solar powered controller.  

The renovated portion of the playground at Child Development Center No. 2 is 8,700 SF; and the renovated portion of the Child Development Center No.3 playground is 5,200 SF.  Both playgrounds serve children from three to five years of age.  The playgrounds received new nature activity areas, a stage, affixed musical instruments and art easels, with sod, plantings and accessible walkways.  The Air Force’s concept for the childrens’ play areas were based in part on the current movement to reconnect children to nature – to allow them to grow and explore the natural environment.  Cerrudo designed both the park and playgrounds to allow children the opportunity for free play – plants to explore, music to make, performances to plan and share, and art to create.